Nemours Wildlife Foundation is honored to have the support of a generous and growing number of enthusiastic citizens who share our commitment to conservation by making a significant annual donation.  This group, known as Friends of Nemours Wildlife Foundation, both collectively and individually serve as ambassadors and advocates for the work of Nemours Wildlife Foundation.

Donations through Friends of Nemours support the work of the foundation, including scientific research conducted by graduate and undergraduate students from colleges and universities throughout the Southeast.  This research has significantly advanced our knowledge and understanding of the ecology of the ACE Basin.  Support from Friends of Nemours also helps to fund our educational programs aimed at school students and teachers as well as landowners and managers.

Nemours Plantation hosts an annual gathering in the fall to recognize Friends of Nemours and to provide an update on activities of the foundation.  This event has become a popular invitation-only opportunity to tour the spectacular Nemours Plantation and to meet many of the partners who contribute to our work.

We welcome new members to Friends of Nemours Wildlife Foundation at any time.

For more information, please contact President and CEO Dr. Ernie Wiggers at or Dr. Wiggers’ assistant, Michele Barker, at